Season 2 of Swim and Sports Club is coming up. I decided to give the We in Wearepari more sense and have you guys design the special edition. I took care of the style and you can now design the graphics meaning colors, prints, logos, whatever.
yes, you can change everything if you want to, just keep in mind I really like those colors ;-)

I prepared a download Link where you can find the following:
1. Logos, colors and fonts of PARI
2. Four Pictures of me in both Hoodie and Trunks,
back and front.

you should use those mock-up-pictures to present your design, each person can submit one PDF with a total of 4 designs of each product (trunks and hoodie).

The pdf should be:
first page your info
second page max 4 hoodie designs
third page max 4 trunk designs.

you need to submit the PDF through E-Mail to

the jury is me, myself and I,
the top20 get a 100 EURO Giftcard at Wearepari.com and a shoutout on Insta.
the top 3 designs will receive 1000 USD CASH
and we will produce a limited run of the design.