PARI are my initials. PA ul RI pke. I stole the idea from Lena Gercke, her brand is called LEGER. 

What's missing is a logo. For years I had a cat sticker on my phone, a great conversation starter. I'm ne Copy Cat anyway, bang, the cat was born as a logo. It started with clothes I like to wear, shorts, hoodies and powels (towel meets paul), all designed by me in Newport Beach, California, made with love in Turkey and shipped from Germany. 

Meanwhile, I'm also making whatever else is going on in my life: Wine, bike gear, coffee and other nonsense! 

Check out the different clubs and feel free to stop by PCH (which stands for PARI CLUB HOUSE and is on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach). I sell all our stuff there and we meet up for Run Club, Bike Club or Beer Club.

Cheers, Paul.