RIPKYTCHEN #SUMMER E-Magazine // English


E-cooking magazine, 31 recipes
69 pages

Friends, it's #SUMMER!

And it looks like this RIPKYTCHEN magazine has just moved into your kitchen. How nice!

This magazine contains 31 dinner recipes for warm summer nights with friends and family. We thought long and hard about whether we should call this magazine #OUTDOOR or #GRILL. But that's our definition of summer - sitting outside and eating together until late in the evening. So #SUMMER it is ;-)

As always, it's clean, with almost no meat and only a little fish. And as always, it's mainly Theresa who came up with these recipes. There are a handful of barbecue recipes, but they also work wonderfully in the oven and definitely don't need all the high-end stuff I've accumulated here on our terrace over the years ;-) A standard kitchen will do just fine. There are also QR codes on the recipe pages again, just scan them with your cell phone and see what happens.

Our family principle of 'sharing is caring' also applies to #SUMMER: choose three or four recipes and everything will be served when it's ready.

After a very elaborate RIPKYTCHEN #PREP, it's back to familiar territory and we hope to bring a little Californian summer feeling to your terrace, balcony or park with #SUMMER. Of course, you can also eat everything in fall, winter or spring ;-)

We hope you enjoy the recipes.

Best wishes and have fun cooking,
Your Theresa and Paul

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